Hi! I am Damola Salako - a Professional Photographer

I bought my first camera in 1997; it was a 35mm film camera. I have bought and used many more digital compact cameras and a mirrorless compact system camera (Sony NEX-5n) since then. I now use a DSLR (Canon 5D MkIV) with a bevy of prime and zoom lenses Damola


I have always been keen on immortalising the memories of the moments in my life and capturing the “Kodak Moments” around me.

So with a couple of decades’ experience in photography, and the encouragement of Mastroe Studio, Kole Majek, Beatrice, Funsho Oluyemi (and inspiration from @tybello), I decided to go pro. Thanks to these masters, I learnt more about photography in the months March-June 2017, than in the previous 20 years. Now I know why I’ve always had a passion and appreciation for photography.


The photo in this background is one of my first professional photos, which I shot with my Canon EOS 80D DSLR camera (and 18-200mm zoom lens) – Putney Studio, London | July 2017.